Light and Shadows: Art in the Sun


The rewind button of my mind reeled backwards to childhood when I saw Sun Art Paper while browsing at Restoration Hardware recently. Have you ever seen this? I am a 70’s child, and I remember being about 8 and making all kinds of gleefully arranged pictures from nature bits and anything else within reach. What great memories!

Isn’t it such a great feeling to come across something you forgot you loved? So I bought a packet for my goddaughter (who just turned 6), and one for me (who just turned 40)!  And the weather cooperated a few days ago, so I reread the directions and had such a blast collecting leaves, twigs, and flowers to make fun shadows on the paper. You arrange the objects, let the paper fade for a few minutes in the sun, rinse it quickly, and voila!

I’d love to know if anyone else remembers doing this or other childhood art activities?