Blossoming Spring

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower... 
first line of a poem by British Poet, Dylan Thomas

April showers turned naked, leafless branches into gorgeous blossoms and  flowering, fluorescent green trees that show off their glory. Even on the grey days, green shoots push through the soil (and bravely force their way through concrete) to announce the end of winter.  Fat, heavy rain drops sit on petals and cobwebs, hydrating the earth. I am grateful for the abundance of beauty in nature.

This month of May, as petals open and the weather warms, may you shed any remnants of winter, feel lighter and brighter, and experience Spring with the wonderment of a child.

Our son, Ramsay, will become a one-year-old in a couple of weeks, and this is his first Spring. Taking walks with him brings me endless joy, as he observes and studies every detail of life around him. His reaction to a thistle reminds us to find fun in the little things. Enjoy this quick video:

Summery Al Fresco

IMG_0315Hello, Patio! Spring is here. Fresh veggies are popping up at local markets and we can eat comfortably outdoors- YAY!  Don’t you love al fresco dining?

I got out one of my favorite cookbooks by Joanne Weir and decided to try a couple of new things.


I  chose one recipe solely because the quirky cooking method for a pork loin made me laugh. It was way too much fun to tie a french baguette around something and cook it!


pork loin wrapped in a (halved) baguette

  It just looks funny, doesn’t it? Like one enormous cartoon-like sandwich. But we sliced it up and it tasted delish!

The colorful veggies were tasty, too. (The recipe did not call for goat cheese, but we bought some fresh at the market, so I couldn’t resist adding it).


Gratin of eggplant and veggies with oodles of fresh basil and garlic

I see family picnics in the near future!

  Bon Appetit!