Serendipity on a Winding Path

IMG_1375When I saw this mixed-media necklace at our local Art Fair in historic Occoquan recently, the word JOURNEY called to me.  We are all on a journey, a winding path of moments and days.

Lately, the days on my journey have felt longer, and a bit emptier.  My sweet honey got orders to work overseas until Mid-August. I miss him terribly, and so does our little fella, who teeters from room to room in our house, calling, “DaDa?” “DaDA!” and it’s heart wrenching not to be able to explain that Daddy is far away, but we’ll see him in a couple of months.

We made time for a date night before he left, and had dinner at Central in D.C.

IMG_1360   The Oysters Rockefeller were divine, and I loved the artistic display of herbs and spices on rock salt on the platter.  IMG_1351Thank you for paying attention to detail, chef Michel Richard!  It’s all in the details… I love details, especially artistic ones.

So, do you remember in my last post when I quoted a Shel Silverstein Poem about the girl who would not take out the trash (Cynthia Sylvia Stout)?  It was an odd coincidence that this poem (that I first read in the 70’s, and had not thought about for years), popped up on my radar at LUSH (homemade bath products) a few days later as the name of a Shampoo. Ha! IMG_1300 Don’t you love it when something random appears on your radar and then unexpectedly resurfaces again soon after? (Am I  the only person amused by this sort of thing)?  Serendipity? Chance? Fate? The law of attraction?

Are you familiar with Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist?  It’s one of my favorites, and I am drawn to his idea that the universe teaches us (brings things to us) when we are ready.  I bought a small original watercolor in Rome in 1999, and when I asked the artist what inspired him, he told me about this book. When I returned to London the following week (where I was working at the time), I read The Alchemist cover to cover, and suddenly, it seemed everyone I met was talking about it. (It had been published almost a decade earlier, so it wasn’t new on the scene). Have you had something similar happen?

Wishing for you lots of serendipity in the coming days.



Blossoming Spring

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower... 
first line of a poem by British Poet, Dylan Thomas

April showers turned naked, leafless branches into gorgeous blossoms and  flowering, fluorescent green trees that show off their glory. Even on the grey days, green shoots push through the soil (and bravely force their way through concrete) to announce the end of winter.  Fat, heavy rain drops sit on petals and cobwebs, hydrating the earth. I am grateful for the abundance of beauty in nature.

This month of May, as petals open and the weather warms, may you shed any remnants of winter, feel lighter and brighter, and experience Spring with the wonderment of a child.

Our son, Ramsay, will become a one-year-old in a couple of weeks, and this is his first Spring. Taking walks with him brings me endless joy, as he observes and studies every detail of life around him. His reaction to a thistle reminds us to find fun in the little things. Enjoy this quick video:

Limin’ and Loosening

On Vacation!

On Vacation!

A few weeks ago, after several nights with racing, chattering dreams, like mice running around in the attic, I threw clothes in a suitcase and gave a very tearful goodbye to my honey and son. I left DC with shoulders hunched around my ears against the cold, and muscles tight and achy from stress and lack of sleep.

I flew to Miami to meet up with Emmie Chase, my best friend from childhood, to celebrate our 40th birthdays together for a week; a trip we planned many years ago. We were so happy to see each other, but were exhausted, too, and ambled around South Beach, ate dinner, and slowly began to acclimate to this idea of a vacation. We kept asking each other with tired smiles, “Is this really real? We’ll be on an island tomorrow?”

After a long, winding, and scenic ride with our proud, chatty taxi driver, we arrived at Cap Maison Hotel in St. Lucia, which was luscious and beautiful. It was just the vacation we needed, with lots of rest, fresh air, and laughter to loosen our minds and muscles. Locals taught us that hanging out and relaxing is referred to as “limin’,” which we did well.

Some favorite moments:
Connecting with nature and being outdoors (without a winter coat)!  A kaleidoscope of colors at sunset and sunrise; a buttery, beaming moon in the evenings; sparkling stars; tree frogs singing; hummingbirds with shimmery, emerald feathers; flamboyant tropical flowers; and lolling waves. And evening video chats to catch up with our husbands and kids, so we didn’t feel so far away from them.

Delicious fruit, baked breads, brightly colored salads, and fresh seafood. Sweeping views of mountains rising out of the sea, boat rides, produce and craft markets, exploring the botanical gardens, the Spa, naps, and dishing (not dishes)! Afternoon rains called “liquid sunshine,” and a local festival and art gallery visit.

What a fun and restorative journey! Where will we go in ten years to ring in the next decade?