Notable Honduran Sights and Sounds

As we near the end of our three years in Honduras, the ticking clock is a reminder to enjoy the time we have left. The following are a few thoughts and images of notable moments.

Tegucigalpa   IMG_8051

While drinking coffee in our garden, an almost imperceptible coughing sound came from the bushes. My eyes spied shadowy movement in the Hibiscus, where a magnificent, deep green and shimmering humming bird drew nectar from a salmon blossom tinged with yellow, levitating like a magical fairy.

A cacophony of sound surrounds the patio this morning: honking cars and revving engines, struggling against the ascent of steep hills, nearly drowning out the whistling of a pedestrian. Wind chimes bump in the light breeze, sending out bright notes like clinking crystal glasses while a squawking parrot interrupts the purr of the a/c unit next door.

Papery palm leaves scratch against the stucco wall. Men pushing a cart through the streets call out for broken items, ringing a bell reminiscent of childhood ice cream trucks.

Honduyate, Lago De Yajoa, and Pulhapanzak Falls

A day that includes boats and calls for binoculars and a good camera lens is a good day. Careful steps on the rickety bridge led us through yellow and lime-colored grasses that hid condors and cranes.

The metal cable emitted a high pitched whir as we zip-lined over a 43-meter, thunderous waterfall with birds dipping and diving in the spray beneath us. We fell asleep to the sounds of crickets and cicadas.

How fortunate to drink coffee in a hammock under a tree with purple flowers, next to a babbling brook.

Pico Bonito and Garifuna Island

Beans, bananas, and goaty white cheese for breakfast and fish with teeth for lunch. Unbridled dancing in the sand with locals and a group hug with a sloth. Laughter and toucans, turquoise water, and crayon-colored boats.

West Bay and Ibagari Boutique Hotel, Roatan

When the twin- prop plane broke through cumulus clouds, a glowing rainbow was revealed.

A park ranger gave Ramsay fish food and explained few shells make it to the beach in Roatan because of the “iron shore” ring of coral reefs.

Right after a shower and dressing for dinner, Ramsay unbuttoned his pressed shirt and trousers, turned on the tap and climbed quickly into the deep porcelain tub at the Ibagari  “because I just have to. Look at that tub.” Wrapped in a thick terrycloth robe afterward, he suggested, “It’s so cozy, let’s just order room service instead.”

Snorkeling before breakfast might be our favorite new beach tradition.

“Can I buy some?” Ramsay asked, referring to the well-dressed man selling banana bread out of a purple plastic cooler on the beach. We then ate the warm slices on a table with Bird of Paradise flowers, watermelon “sandia” and tamarind juices.

Visiting La Patrona, a woman-owned coffee company that is 39 years old, we learned the perfect shade of red for picking shade-grown coffee beans is called sangre de toro, and the grading process for a coffee tasting is strict.

Among many memorable things about this country, we will miss our friends here, the art, tacos and futbol, roadside vendors, picking sun-kissed blackberries at Finca La Contadora, and drinking chamomile tea made from fresh flowers.

And last, but certainly not least, Honduras brought us our beloved family dog, Biscuit, and the best companion a boy could ask for.

Gracias for these gifts, Honduras.

Nos Vemos,





14 thoughts on “Notable Honduran Sights and Sounds

  1. this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    I was born in Honduras and went to visit this past July after 24 years. So, your writing just brought me back there……Love it!


  2. Hey Girl, Where do I start? You make me feel like I am there with you guys. I love your words that make me hear what you have heard. AND the photos compliment the words perfectly.
    I love the street art. The door to the castle/store/museum/church (pick one) was beautiful and I want it. The tile work outside the building is so creative and the birds add a lot to it. I want to share you breakfast. It looked yummy. Reminded me of our Mexico trips and one place in SA where their breakfast looked just like that. I admired the man with R selling something had on a mask. Good for him. All of the shots of R and B and you and B were great. I think R must have taken on of the shots. You are going to make him into a great photographer like you. What a neat blog. Love you


  3. I can’t add much to Sharon’s remarks. Sounds like paradise, “Reflections on Honduras.” I love the sincerity of folk art. It evokes at a different level of appreciation, uncomplicated by trying to meet the expectations of others? Something like that.


  4. Your writing always impresses me and makes me smile thinking that you are making the most of each day, appreciating the beauty and wonder that surrounds you, creating amazing memories, and just LIVING!!


  5. Hello my dear neighbor while in Columbus…I really enjoyed your personal photo-essay from Honduras …the writing and photography were excellent ……keep us posted, updated and enjoy your last days there…..Allen and Glenn


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