The Missing Bottle of Glow-ness


Hello and Happy New Year!

After lovely holidays with friends and family, I reflect with gratitude that 2017 came to a close surrounded by loved ones. In my journal, I like the newness of writing 2 0 1 8 and its round number as I pen the date.

I daydream about possibilities as the months lay before me, waiting to be filled and experienced. I silently promise myself to make the most of the next four and half months. In June, Ramsay finishes Kindergarten and we enter the Foreign Service vortex of changing countries, schools and houses. The place we will land, however, has not yet revealed to us.

As a planner, this is hard for me, the not knowing. The waiting. The wondering and blind trust in the universe. Will our new assignment be somewhere wonderful? Will we be safe? Which hemisphere and will we need cold weather clothes? Will our living space be cozy and filled with natural light? Will Ramsay like his school? Brad, his job? Will I meet kindred spirits there?

My breath shortens when I think of how quickly the next few months will go, and how peace of mind is easily usurped by the sweeping changes heading our way.  So, I commit to living mindfully and with less resistance; letting life flow a little easier. To take it a day at a time and enjoy the magic in the little daily details, like this one:

Ramsay (almost six) was lost in his beautiful child’s imagination when he came up to me and excitedly exclaimed, “I found it! I found it, Mom, the Missing Bottle of Glow-ness!”  This paper with a small mountain on it made perfect sense to him (and likely had something to do with Star Wars), but metaphorically, I loved the idea of having a bottle of glow-ness; magical and luminous and full of possibility.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Wishing for you a bottle of glow-ness for your 2018, too.

Abundance and Light,




5 thoughts on “The Missing Bottle of Glow-ness

  1. Did you know that Carpe Diem originated with Horace? I know because I’m doing
    some research on him for my JUNTO group. So, along with him and you, I’ll look
    forward this year to surprises, musically, in relationships, or maybe just soaking up
    more sunshine and feeling what it inspires me to do. Here’s to a bottle of glow-ness
    to light the way to many happy days. love from Pat


    • Hi, Pat! Those surprises to look forward to sound lovely. I hope they all manifest themselves for you this year and you get more time by the sea, too. I liked your description of beach memories when we had brunch with Mama last summer. You would like a group of women I have here in Cairo- we meet and bring excerpts of poems or readings and talk about muses and creative processes.
      I wish I could attend Junto to hear all of these good papers. I would love a copy of your talk. oxox love, Tracy


  2. Hey Tracy! Thanks so much for your wonderful New Year’s thoughts. I am mindful of how lucky I am that our paths have crossed and become entwined in the past and look forward to a future of further entanglements! Like Pat Newton, I am doing research for my Junto paper which used to be on Stoic philosophy. It is essentially doing what you can today and not worrying about the past or future. So enjoy these last four months day by day and the future will unfold as it will and you will make the best of whatever comes. Love, Susan


  3. You have done it again! It is lovely, and very meaningful! I evidently have lived the”stoic” phiilosophy most of my life and didn”t even know it! (as well as
    having a “bottle of glowness” by my side.) I am ,and have been a very lucky
    person indeed. (and you have certaainly more than contributed to it!!) Love and hugs from your very always proud mother


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