Mixed Media


This is where I enjoy sharing creativity and processes.  I would love for you to share your thoughts and ideas, too!  Have you ever created an Artist Trading Card, participated in Art Mail, or a vision board? What are your favorite mixed media techniques or galleries to visit?  I’d love to know, too, if you’ve read mixed media books or taken photography, writing, or art classes you enjoyed?

Mixed-media techniques:  Mostly, I use a mixture of photos, pastels, gesso, stamps, watercolor pencils, magazine images, flower petals and botanicals, matte medium, charcoal pencil, inks, acrylics, molding paste, tape, and stencils. I have to admit, too, that I love hints of sparkle and glitter. There is nothing like getting out all of the art supplies and getting started on a new project. Time just flies!

Art Mail: I’m so fortunate to know a real artist that is willing to share her wonderful works with me that fit in an envelope! We decorate the outside of an envelope or thin box and put creative surprises inside; mixed media pieces, art-related articles, inspirational designs, sometimes a tea bag or horoscope, too.  This has been a slowly-evolving process of learning new mixed-media techniques for me. I’ve taken some online courses and attended workshops, which are a great way to collaborate and incorporate new styles and elements into your art. (Well, and I find art classes so much fun) !

I’ve taught basic collage classes to friends, introducing ATC techniques and supplies. (for example, washi tape, ATC envelope templates, and incorporating ephemera such as dictionary pages, flower petals, lace, and brads). Such an uplifting environment to collaborate and create in a group! I’ve included, too, a few “mobile art studio” photos  (creating wherever I can find space at home).

ATC’s and small canvases… I tend to gravitate toward nature, especially flora, fauna, sea and sky-related themes, and of course sometimes my squeezy little boy that lights me up!

Vision Boards- these are new for me. I love this concept of collecting images for positive affirmations and using the law of attraction to bring bliss and joy into our lives. 

I look forward to hearing what inspires you!

Happy Creating,